Love Birds

Love Birds

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At the mid-way point in the Laysan albatross breeding season, most of the adults we see in the colony are prospectors. Birds looking for mates. Often, raucous group dances of four or more birds erupt. These are usually younger birds, sometimes those returning to land for the first time after three or four years at sea. But as the season wears on, we see less and less of the vigorous dancing and more birds paired up and sitting quietly by themselves. Like these two in the act of preen-bonding. I wouldn’t be surprised if these two (I got their band numbers) aren’t sitting on a nest next year and taking turns at incubating an egg and, then, feeding a chick. This is the time commitments are made—when to meet up again next year and where. Love is definitely in the air.

Photography on metal.

  • Satin finish/minimal glare.

  • Ready to hang.

  • The 12x12-inch and 8x8-inch metal prints come with 1/8-inch rounded corners and float 1/2″ off the wall when hung.

  • The 4x4-inch metal prints come with square corners and a magnetic back.

A little about the metal: The image is infused directly into specially coated sheets of aluminum, adding a magical luminescence to the image. Professional lab testing shows image stability of the metal print is two to four times that of traditional silver-based photo papers. And for those of you who live in salty, humid climates like Hawaii, I've done my own testing, too. I left a print on my covered lanai to test for corrosion. One year later and no rust or pits of any kind have appeared. In fact, cleaning the dust and salt buildup is fast and super easy--a wet rag and mild soap. Because if you're like me, you'd rather be out in nature than inside the house wielding a dust rag.

Oh, lastly, all images on this site are solely the property of Kim Steutermann Rogers. These photographs are protected by copyright laws, and are not to be downloaded, printed, or reproduced without express written permission of Kim Steutermann Rogers.

All prints are made to order. Please allow 7 to 10 days for printing and delivery.

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All prints are made to order. Please allow 7 to 10 days for printing and delivery.