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Of Mice and Midway and A Few Other Things

There’s no denying the albatross at Midway, noted as the largest albatross colony in the world. By "largest," we mean somewhere in the neighborhood of a million-and-a-half albatross hanging out on roughly a couple thousand acres.

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A Little More About Black-footed Albatross

Black-footed albatross have a wingspan in excess of seven feet. Measuring from wingtip to wingtip, that’s about as wide as the NBA’s Yao Ming is tall. Let that sink in. Many of Black-footed albatross’ other feats of nature mirror those of Laysan albatross, but the two species do have their differences. Most noticeable, besides their color, is their walk.

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Live! Chicks on Camera!

Five years ago, before the #AlbatrossCam went live, only a handful of biologists, kama`aina, and cultural practitioners in Hawaii knew the intimate details of a Laysan albatross’ life history. Then, on January 27, 2014, a chick named Kaloakalua hatched on the #AlbatrossCam, and the awareness and knowledge of (Laysan) albatross around the world soared. 

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